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Low Moisture “Dry Cleaning” Encapsulation Technology (LMSET) with KleenShield- COMMERICAL CARPET CLEANING ONLY

At Champion Cleaning we’ve been cleaning carpets in Southern Central Kentucky for the past 13 years. In 2012, after it became clear that Low Moisture Encapsulation Technology (LMSET) was the gold standard and future of carpet cleaning, we became exclusively a LMSET carpet cleaning company.

Picture 1

On this high traffic, low pile commercial carpet, can you tell where we used our LMSET process?

Picture 1 completed

Upon completion of the carpet in Picture 1

We believe that a healthy Business start with clean carpets. Nothing cleans more thoroughly and protects your investment better than the latest “Low moisture soil encapsulate technology”(LMSET). It is the preferred carpet cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers, including Shaw Industries, the largest manufacturer of carpet in the world.





(additional steps may be added due to clients needs, carpets needs, carpet type and soiling conditions at no extra charge)

1. Pre-Inspection of areas to be cleaned. We will do a walk through

   inspection with you to identify soiling conditions, carpet construction, and

   potential permanent stains.


2. Furniture Moving, chairs and tables will be carefully moved.

   Larger pieces are left in place under our regular pricing structure.


3. Pre-Treatment & Pre-Spotting with Encapsulate Detergent. All areas

   are pre-treated with our “Encap Green “ soil encapsulate detergent. Certain

   spots are pre-treated for maximum removal.


4. Pre-Agitate Carpet. Your carpet will be pre-groomed or power scrubbed

   with a rotary machine. This helps loosen embedded soils.


5. Wipe down all base boards. We will remove dust from baseboards in

   rooms being cleaned.


6. Dry Extraction’s insuring a Quick Drying of Clean Carpet. This

   important step removes excess moisture and insures fast drying of carpet.



7. Walk Through Inspection. We will walk through your facility

   with you to point out the cleaning results and make sure that you are

   completely thrilled with the job.


The “Champion” 8 Step (LMSET) Process

* Harmful polyphenols can be left in your carpet due to solvents used by many carpet cleaning companies.    

* Mold and mildew can result from the use of large amounts of water used to clean your carpets

EPA Carpet Cleaning Recommendation

You've heard it many times. Outdoor contaminants tracked over carpet can make indoor pollution levels higher than those outside.
Take a look at the chart below at what the EPA recommends for your household's carpet.
Also click on the chart below and it will take you to the EPA's website. Under the subheading of "Cleaning" toward the bottom of the article notice that the EPA recommends low moisture carpet care.


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